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At the APEX, the swimming pool from where people evacuated after hearing that a broken sewage pipe might have contaminated it.

Swimming Pool Leak Causes Alarm in Apex

      By Juan B. Garcia       A sewage pipe broke in the pump room of the APEX building around 11:00 a.m. on March 5. Engineers who were making rounds at the time noticed the problem in an adjacent room , and quickly shut down the pumps and made all the necessary notifications. A […]

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Ratchet & Clank (2016): A Reunion & A Restart

    By Abrian DeLuna   On April 12, Insomniac Games’ lombax and the robot duo returned in a remake titled Ratchet & Clank for the PS4. It follows the story of the original game with “defective” warbot Clank escaping from the factory where he was made, in order to warn intergalactic hero Quark (who also serves as narrator of the […]

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Increased Student Activity Fee Passes Vote

    By Abrian De Luna   Late March, the Student Success Initiative proposed a petition for a $25 increase in the student activity fee, an increase in $12 for part-time students, and a $5 increase for summer students. The fee gives more support to student-focused programs. The proposal needed at least 1,200 student signatures […]

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Christ the King Church in Yonkers, NY

Peace Be With You: A Muslim Student Attends Catholic Mass

    By Sumeya Yafaie My cream colored hijab was like a giant arrow sign above my head, reading: “I do not belong here. I am not like you.” I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes before shutting off my thoughts, turning off the engine, and walking up to the front door […]

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Professor Evaluation Will Be Available to Students

    By Leah Liceaga Thanks to the efforts of the Student Government Assembly (SGA) and Student Legislative Assembly (SLA) Student Evaluations of professors teaching on campus will soon be publically available to all students on Lehman. The liaison for the student committee, Tyra Matty, spearheaded the movement. An initiative started when college faculty realized that only 23 percent of students on campus took the evaluation […]

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Free Black Women’s Library at the Studio Museum of Harlem (Photo Essay)

By Margarete Rodriguez            

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Professor Jennifer MacKenzie Discusses Her Book at Leonard Lief Library

  By Jean Soto   These days, you can find the author of the poem collection My Not-My Soldier, lecturer Jennifer MacKenzie, inside her English Department office patiently helping one of her literature, composition, or journalism students manage the reading and writing intensive courses; four years ago, you would have found her near the end […]

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Meeting Ernesto Quinonez

  By Ronal Cedeno   “I am CUNY,” said Ernesto Quinonez, as he spoke Allison Amend’s novel class, after reading from his 2000 novel Bodega Dreams . Quinonez earned his B.A and M.A degrees at The City College of New York and fitted right in among the Lehman students who anxiously awaited their opportunity to […]

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The Power of Our Story

  By Robert Drayton   Stories continually assist us in discovering ourselves and finding our place in the world. Recently actress Jada Pinkett Smith and director Spike Lee boycotted the 88th Academy Awards as a reaction to an event where not one person of color was nominated for acting. The underlying belief was that the […]

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"Library" by Lori Nix

Architectural Intersections: Exhibition Review

    By Kaitlin Chevres   Architectural Intersections, on display at Lehman’s art gallery, explores architecture through the lens of art. The exhibition features 12 artists who capture the beauty of architecture through the relationship between mother nature and man-made structures. Lori Nix, a Kansas native, works with dioramas and photography. After moving to New […]

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