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It’s Been a Long Time

By Margarete Rodriguez Students returning to college after a few years—or decades—off bring a special perspective with them At age 20, Leo Henriquez was a freshman at Lehman College. Then, as he put it, “Life happened.” He was a single parent with custody of his daughter. “I was living on my own,” he recalls, “[and] […]

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Lehman Hosts First Student Government and Campus Life Alumni Reunion

By Krystyna Samuels On September 18, Lehman held its first reunion for student government and campus life alumni who graduated in the last ten years. The 80 plus attendees mingled with faculty in the multi-purpose room in the Student Life Building (SLB), and listened to speeches from leaders of Student Life, including Suzette Ramsundar and […]

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A Mighty Success Story

An Inspirational Story of a Lehman College Alumna By Krystyna Samuels When Lehman alumna Debra Mighty graduated in 2007 with a degree in communications, she had surmounted challenges many older students face. The mother of two had waited many years to attend college after graduating from high school. She could not relate to or connect […]

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Yes Means Yes, But Yes to What?

By Ebba Zajmi Gjergji. A November panel on campus sexual violence explored ways on how to understand sexual violence. The panel discussion, which took place at Hunter College on November 5, 2014, was a on the legislature and the consensus was that the law is a step in the right direction, but the nation needs […]

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Tips for Freshmen

 By Xhulia Gjokaj. College is a formative stage for everyone; freshman year in particular is the most crucial year of your undergraduate career. This is an exciting time to discover your strengths. For those who have not chosen a major, there is room to explore. The Freshman Year Initiative (FYI), a program dedicated to offering […]

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The Underground Lounge Caters to You

By Rosa Maria Rojas. The great diversity of Lehman students requires a mixture of food, taste, and diets and the man connecting them all is Hector Morales, the executive chef at Lehman’s Underground Lounge.

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Love in the Age of Technology

By Aidan Cooper. We have all seen the commercials where the two 30-somethings discuss how they have always been unhappy and left unsatisfied with the modern dating scene. Then, those two now lovers go on to say how remarkable “[insert online dating service here]” has been in meeting the once elusive love of their life. […]

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When Cupid Strikes

Cristian Santana. Whether you’re celebrating your first or fifteenth Valentine’s Day there’s always some pressure to come up with something special. 

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Vegetarianism 101

Rosa Maria Rojas. The new semester is here and many college students are starting new diets and workout plans.

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What’s Lehman Eating?

Cristian Santana. With the start of a new semester many of us see it as an opportunity to change the way we do things: the way we conduct our business, our work ethic in school, or maybe our workout or eating habits. 

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